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Oh Joe 20 Jun 2011

A new upload of this video dedicated to my first (almost) teenage rite of passage and the great Joe jackson – the soundscape of that time.

The song was recorded and produced at Clowns pocket studios in Kent, by the mighty Phil Scragg. Featuring Andy Bratt on drums, Phil on bass and me on everything else.

The video was recorded and produced by the great Matt Ottewill. He has just released a lovely album called Songs Sung and thereis a hand drawn video from that on his excellent multimedia forum/site planetoftunes.com.

The star of the video is a wonderful young actress called Hannah who is wearing a wig and her very obliging boyfriend whose name eludes me – he is pretending to be young me and doing a fine job. But she was excellent; the camera really loved her – and her evocative performance is so like the girl in my memory – flirtatious, funny, dangerous and finally lost…

Despite the few thousand hits for the last version, I didnt do all these great people (or myself) justice with my skanky upload skills. Hence the reload on this excellent site.

For contact details of any of the people mentioned, feel free to message me.

My poetry performance on sky..

This was for a show called Where its at. They found me from a magazine called The New Writer, who had recomended me as an upcoming poet.. how nice.. This one relates to my new day job at the time of Career advisor to out of work musicians…an irony I was attempting to elucidate..

Where Have You Been

From my ‘acoustic’ album, Rumours of a Nice Day.

Recent homemade video. I’m a cheerful fella really..

I’ve got some left in boxes. Make me an offer…