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New single: Children of men

Hurry hurry. Buy me new single, produced by badger-haired Tim Palmer from Kent (he can’t help it). Video is here on me website and on you tube. Will put a link below to the youtube page of the excellent video maker Trevor Blackman where the video was born and lives still. It’s vaguely connected to the recent London Riots – in amongst other silliness. Hope you like it. If you can’t afford 70p for the download, let me know and I’ll see if I can rustle up an mp3 – but please bear in mind, the boys do need paying.

Buy it here for now


Hi from Dan

Hello viewers. Just to say this is my new website.

I will be posting some funky stuff here, including my new albums Voltz and What about Junior and downloads of my books. Wow!!

Where Have You Been

From my ‘acoustic’ album, Rumours of a Nice Day.

Recent homemade video. I’m a cheerful fella really..

I’ve got some left in boxes. Make me an offer…

Eat Plastic

Don’t eat plastic, they said

Of course not, he said,

I only eat stuff that you put next to food and around water.

Don’t eat plastic, they said

Of course not, he said

I only eat stuff that you put in children’s mouths.

Don’t eat plastic, they said

Of course not, he said,

I only eat organic stuff

That comes from the ground.

Don’t eat plastic they said

Of course not, he said

I only things which float in the sea,

I only eat things that fill Albatross bellies,

I only eat what man makes best,

I only eat what never decays,

I only what is clean and pretty…


Don’t eat plastic, they said.


Gotta do something with it, he said,

Crunching the head off his Barbie doll

and Sainsburies’ bag sandwich.


True, they said,

Eat plastic.

Interview with thelondonword.com


Finding a voice is not a problem for Daniel Maitland. His mixed bag of creative achievements include Idle Hands, a dark thriller, Even Bad Dogs Do Good Things, a book of poetry and Rumours of a Nice Day, an album released last summer on Folkwit Records…


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