“songwriter and poet Dan Maitland’s album is a collection of wonderfully original, heartfelt acoustic songs. ”


“.. poetry over porn, lyrics over libido. His writing style is simple and down to earth, his narrative thoughtful. Maitland, has way with words and I hope it makes him lucky. ”
Neil King  http://www.fatea-records.co.uk/magazine/releases.html


“… he strips things back to the basics and, on songs like ‘Goodnight’ his simple guitar and subtle vocals marry with his strong sense of poetic lyricism to create songs that grow and swell with each listen. Lovely.”


“It’s a clever juxtaposition, the wry, thoughtful lament against the brutal, cutting lyrical reality check. It works well to make ‘Rumours Of A Nice Day” stand out a little from everyday singer-songwriter fare.”


“He is a talented fellow Daniel Maitland… he has a fantastic vocal range which he displays on I Play The Saxophone, The Day Shatters Into and Would You Trade Your Song. He does indeed play the saxophone as well as guitar, harmonica, piano, electric piano and phillicorder in various permutations, delivering the songs in a clear and uncluttered manner. This allows the listener to take in the songs which vary from the light as air FizzinA1000 and Life And Our Condition to the much darker renderings Where Have You Been and Let Us Not To Bed. Another fine effort from the Folkwit label.”
Dave Sutherland, Nottingham Evening Post, essential guide


“Then Daniel Maitland restored our faith in music.”


“Dan, What sincere songs! I’m not surprised that they are moving people.”
Devon Sproule


‘Winter Now is a song of terrifying beauty.”
Dr Iain Wilkinson, senior lecturer in sociology, University of Kent.